Add Data Source Rows

Add rows to a GoFormz Data Source from a DataSet JSON file. See here for more on DataSet files, including the file format.






The unique 32-digit hexadecimal identifier of the Data Source to which new rows should be added. See here for more details.



The name of the DataSet JSON file containing the rows to be appended to the Data Source identified by dataSourceId.



The name of the file column in the DataSet that should be mapped to the Data Source key column.



The order in which DataSet columns should be inserted into the Data Source, excluding the key, separated by pipe characters. For instance, if the value is SKU|Description|PurchaseCost, that means:

  • the DataSet's SKU column will map to column 2 in the Data Source;
  • the DataSet's Description column will map to column 3 in the Data Source
  • the DataSet's PurchaseCost column will map to column 4 in the Data Source

Note that your dataSetStorageFileName file may contain additional columns, but only the columns specified in the columnOrder input will be used in the update.




This action adds rows to the GoFormz Data Source specified by dataSourceId. The rows to be added are specified in addDataSetStorageFileName, and the mapping of DataSet columns to Data Source columns is specified in dataSetKeyColumn and columnOrder.

This action is typically used as part of a workflow to sync a GoFormz Data Source with an external data source. In this scenario, the rows that need to be added typically come from the Compare Data Source To DataSet action. See here for a full step-by-step example of this use case, with screenshots.

Unlike the Update Data Source Rows and Delete Data Source Rows actions, this action can be used independently of the Compare Data Source To DataSet action. This is possible because the Add action does not rely on row IDs in the input data, while the Update and Delete actions do.