Note: In order to use any of the Procore triggers and actions, you must connect GoFormz to your Procore account. See here for details.

The purpose of the Procore / GoFormz integration is to facilitate the use of GoFormz forms as the mobile data capture front end for your Procore project data. This includes:

  • Creating new Procore project records (including Incidents, Tasks, Submittals and more) by filling out forms on a mobile device
  • Updating existing Procore project records with GoFormz form data
  • Uploading form PDFs and images and attaching them to a Procore project
  • Dispatching GoFormz forms based on a Procore event (e.g. when a new Incident is created) and pre-populating forms with Procore data
  • Synching Procore Project data to GoFormz DataSource, allowing the latest Procore data to be used to auto-fill form fields

In order to meet these integration goals, we provide:

  • A Procore Event trigger that can be activated by a wide range of events, including changes made to any Procore resource (e.g. Incidents, Change Orders, Tasks, etc.), as well as creation/deletion of various Procore resources. This is accomplished using Procore Webhooks
  • A variety of actions that leverage Procore APIs to get data from and add data to various Procore resources (e.g. Incidents, Change Orders, Tasks, etc.).

Procore App Connection

In order to use any of the Procore actions and triggers, you must connect GoFormz to your Procore account via the App Connections screen. You will be asked to enter your Procore account credentials in order to establish the connection. If you have multiple Procore accounts you want to use, you can add multiple connections. See here for additional details.

A Procore connection must then be referenced when using Procore actions and triggers — each Procore action/trigger has a required Connection input. This is shown below with the Lookup Object ](doc:lookup) action.