Note: In order to use any of the Procore triggers and actions, you must connect GoFormz to your Procore account. See here for details.

The purpose of the Procore / GoFormz integration is to facilitate the use of GoFormz forms as the mobile data capture front end for your Procore project data. This includes:

  • Creating new Procore project records (including Incidents, Tasks, Submittals and more) by filling out forms on a mobile device
  • Updating existing Procore project records with GoFormz form data
  • Uploading form PDFs and images and attaching them to a Procore project
  • Dispatching GoFormz forms based on a Procore event (e.g. when a new Incident is created) and pre-populating forms with Procore data
  • Synching Procore Project data to GoFormz DataSource, allowing the latest Procore data to be used to auto-fill form fields