Delete Object

Delete an object from your Procore account.

This action can be used to execute most Procore API calls that use an HTTP DELETE request and take a single object (rather than an array of objects) as input. Please refer to the Procore API Reference to find such APIs; most of them begin with the word "Delete". Here are just a handful of Procore APIs that you can invoke with this action:


apiPathRequiredThe Procore API endpoint that you wish to invoke, without the "vapid" prefix. Please refer to the Procore Actions overview for more on the apiPath input, which is required for all Procore Actions.



Usage Example

Suppose you have an Incident Correction form in GoFormz. This form is filled out when an Incident was reported erroneously, and should be deleted from your Procore Project. To create a workflow to do this, you might start with a Form Completed trigger, then configure a Delete Object step as follows:


In this example, we construct the apiPath as described in Procore's Delete Incident API documentation, using the "ProjectId" and "IncidentId" fields from the completed form to fill in the required project ID and incident ID path parameters.