Export Form To PDF

Export an existing form to a PDF file.






The unique 32-digit hexadecimal identifier of the form that you want to export. See here for more details.



Use this parameter to specify the form pages that you want to export to PDF; leave it empty if you want to export all form pages. This field accepts comma-separated page numbers and ranges; for instance "1-3,6,8-10" would mean pages 1 through 3, page 6, and pages 8 through 10. See the Pdf Page Numbers action if you want to dynamically generate a string for this input.





The URL where the newly created PDF file is stored.


This action is most frequently used in conjunction with the Form Completed trigger. This is because when exporting a form to a PDF, the next step in the workflow is typically to send it somewhere —like to a third party app for storage or to another person via email — and you typically want to send the form out as soon as it is complete. That said, there are situations when you want a PDF before a form is complete, and you can use this action in those situations as well.

In the example below, a completed form is exported to PDF, then sent out as an email attachment and attached to a Salesforce object.


Sometimes, you will want to determine the form pages that you want to export dynamically based on one or more variables (e.g. whether a certain form field is filled in or not). For such situations, use the Pdf Page Numbers action; it allows you to dynamically generate a string for the pages input based on a set of variables.