Trigger: Form Completed

This trigger fires when a GoFormz form is completed.


TemplateRequiredThe name of a form template. The trigger will fire when a form based on this template is completed.


field_<field_name>The value in the "<field_name>" field of the completed form. So if the key is field_TechnicianName, then this will be the value of the “TechnicianName” field in the completed form.
formIdThe unique 32-digit hexadecimal identifier of the completed form. See here for more details.
formTemplateIdThe unique 32-digit hexadecimal identifier of the template on which the completed form was based. See here for more details.
Form metadata outputsSee here for a list of these outputs., which include formName, formStatus and other information about the form.


This is one of the most commonly used triggers for custom workflows, because there are so many business processes that you may want kick off after a form is completed. For instance,

  • you may want to upload the completed form PDF to a third party app like Box or G Suite
  • you may want to use form field values to update objects in a third party app like Salesforce
  • you may want to send a notification email to a stakeholder (e.g. a customer, partner or employee)
  • you may want to create another form that depends on this form's completion and assign it to the appropriate user
  • etc. etc.

In the image below we illustrate the first example, where we upload a form PDF to Google G Suite whenever a form based on the "Axis Mobility Work Order Report" template is completed.