Get Form Images

Get images from a form. Note that this will only get images from Image fields — it will NOT get images stored in Sketch fields or images that were attached to the form.

Note: Wherever field names are referenced below, these are the field names as they appear in your form template. To find a field's name, open your form in the Template Editor, click on the field, and look at the "Name" property in the Field Properties panel.



Default Value





The unique 32-digit hexadecimal identifier of the form whose images you want to retrieve. See here for more on form IDs.



All Image fields included

A list of Image fields that you wish to include in the output. Using the filter input to obtain only the images you need can speed up the action's running time, especially for forms with many images. The field list must be formatted as a JSON array. For instance, `["Image1", "Image5"] will obtain the images in the "Image1" and "Image5" fields. Note that at this time you cannot filter on images that are within a table.




<image_field_name> or <table_name>_<column_name>_<row_number>

Full URL to the image file from the specified field. Most images are specified just using their field name, but images within a table are specified by the table field name in addition to the column name and row number of the desired image. E.g., Image1 will give the URL to the "Image1" field's image, and Table2_Icon_3 will give the URL to the image in row 3 of the "Icon" column of "Table2".

<image_field_name>_id or <table_name>_<column_name>_<row_number>_id

The unique 32-digit hexadecimal identifier of the image, with the same output name syntax stipulation as above for tables.


This action is typically used when some images from a form need to be sent to someone or stored in a third-party system. In the example below, we upload a form PDF as well as several of its images to Google's G Suite. We use the Get Form Images filter input to grab only the 4 images we want from the form — front, left, right, and back views of an item.