Pdf Page Numbers

This action generates a string to be used for the pages input of the Export Form To PDF action. The string is based on a set of inputs you provide about the form that will be exported. This is an unusual action in that it is rarely if ever used independently — it is typically used in conjunction with the the Export Form To PDF action.


Note that the section#_pageRange and section#_pagesUsed inputs must come as a pair — i.e. if there is a section1_pageRange input there must also be a section1_pagesUsed input, and vice versa.

totalPagesRequiredThe total number of pages in the form template that you are targeting.
section#_pageRangeOptionalA single page (e.g. 2) or a page range using dash notation (e.g. 2-4 would signify pages 2 through 4).
section#_pagesUsedOptionalThe number of pages that should be included starting from the beginning of the section. For example, if section2_pageRange is 5-9 and section2_pagesUsed is 2, then pages 5 and 6 will be included.
(page1_<anything>, page2_<anything>, etc.)
OptionalIf this value is not null, then the page with the corresponding number will be included; otherwise it won't be. For instance, if page3_Customer has the value from your form's "Customer Name" field — that means that page 3 will be included if the "Customer Name" field has a value, and will not be included otherwise. (Note that the "Customer Value" field itself does not need to be on page 3.)


pagesString of page numbers that should be included in a PDF export, with pages included as determined by the inputs. The string is formatted so that it can be used as the value for the Export Form To PDF pages input. This means that it will include comma-separated pages and ranges, like "1-3,6,8-10". See the Usage section below for an example of what this might look like.


This action is most useful when the form pages that you want to export are not the same for every completed form, but rather depend on one or several variables. You can then use these variables in the various inputs of this action in order to generate that list of pages that should be exported.

In the example below, we do exactly that. Let's break down how the desired page string is built up in this example:

  • Pages 3 and 4 will always be included, because those are the first 2 pages (section1_pagesUsed) of the specified page range (3-8, section1_pageRange)
  • Page 1 will be included only if the Date field from the completed form is filled in.
  • Page 2 will be included only if the Customer Name field from the completed form is filled in.

In this example, the resulting page string is fed to the pages input of the Export Form To PDF action, and the generated PDF is sent in an email via the Send Email action.