NOTE: The Salesforce section of this documentation is under construction. The articles in this section may be incomplete.

Note: In order to use any of the Salesforce triggers and actions, you must connect GoFormz to your Salesforce account. See here for details.

The purpose of the Salesforce / GoFormz integration is to provide a seamless workflow that allows users to augment Salesforce data by filling out forms in GoFormz. A typical integration flow might work as follows:

  1. An account manager uses Salesforce to dispatch a new Goformz form with some fields pre-populated with Salesforce data.
  2. A field employee or a customer fills out the form in Goformz.
  3. Once the form is completed, form data is sent back to Salesforce.

In order to meet these integration goals, we provide:

  • A Salesforce Webhook trigger that can be activated by a wide range of Salesforce events, including field updates from any Salesforce record. This is accomplished using Salesforce Workflow Rules
  • A variety of actions that leverage Salesforce APIs to get data from and add data to Salesforce objects.

See here for more about the Salesforce integration, including an end-to-end example.